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A Question of the West Coast Leaf’s future…

This editorial poses a question to our readers as to how the West Coast Leaf shall proceed. When we launched this newspaper, long-time activists and publishers Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris agreed to produce it for five years and then decide what to do next. As this current issue is Vol. 5 No. 3, we are nearing the end of that cycle, and it is time for us to decide. The upcoming Winter 2012 edition marks the end of this arrangement.

One thing is certain, things will not remain as they are now. Some people say the Internet has displaced the need for authoritative print journalism. Others say that a credible newspaper of record has a singular place and purpose, and it’s time for others to step up to the plate to keep it going. We just know it’s time for a change.

We would like to hear your ideas on how the West Coast Leaf should proceed. Stay tuned for the Winter 2013, Vol. 5.4 issue for what’s next.

1 comment to SAVE THE LEAF

  • Randall Morgan

    I have been a big fan of the West Coast Leaf for the last two years now. I think it is a wonderful newspaper and I have learned many useful things from it.

    I have made a donation in the past and would be happy to do so again. I would be very sad to see this very useful newspaper die. As far as I am concerned it is the voice of the marijuana reform movement here in California. Please don’t let it die.

    Randall Morgan Santa Rosa, CA

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